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CART - Step 1: How to purchase products and manage your order process

In the initial phase of the shopping bag is possible

- Update the number of products in cart
- Delete a product to cart by clicking on the REMOVE button to the right of the line of the desired product.
- Back to site navigation in order to add products to buy.

Clicking the icon or the title of the product you can return to the product, to carry out further checks.
At any time you can access the cart by clicking on the button depicting a cart at the top right.

PERSONAL DATA - Step 3: Enter your data for shipping and billing of the order.

In this phase of progress it is necessary to enter your data for shipping and invoicing of the order.

Users already registered, who have logged in with their credentials in step 2, can reuse the data entered in previous orders.
All the addresses connected to a username and password are memorized by the system and can be automatically re-entered by choosing them among the various addresses saved by the customer.

SHIPPING - Step 4: Summary of shipping and invoicing data entered and choice of shipping method

In this phase it is possible to check the correctness of the shipping and invoicing data previously entered and choose the desired shipping method.
In case of data entered incorrectly and / or incomplete, it is possible to modify them by going back using the button: "Return to Previous Step".
Going back you can change the information entered.

PAYMENT - Step 5: check the details of the order and pay by choosing the desired payment method

In this phase you can check the details of the order and choose the desired payment method.

From this stage you can change your choices by going back through the button: "Return to Previous Step".
Going back, it will be possible to modify the information entered in each phase.

You can choose between different payment systems:
- If you choose to pay by Credit Card, you will need to enter in this phase the card details required for payment, enter any notes if necessary and then click on the Buy button at the bottom right to complete the order and payment.
- If you choose to pay by Bank Transfer will appear the necessary info to be noted to make the payment, you can enter any notes if necessary and clicking on the Buy button at the bottom right the order will be completed and you can proceed to make the transfer.
- If you choose to pay with PayPal, you can enter any notes if necessary and clicking on the Buy button at the bottom right you will be sent to the reference site where you have to enter your cerdenziali and complete the PayPal payment. At the end of the payment process, you will be redirected to our site.

CONFIRMATION - Step 6: Order completion and post sales actions

Reached the stage of confirmation, the order is final and can not be changed.
By means of the confirmation page you can:
- Continue the Shopping
- Consult their orders and the progress
- Log on to your account
- Manage the address book associated with orders

LOGIN- Step 2: Log in, sign up for cart, or continue with an anonymous order.

At this stage you can choose one of these options:

- Log in if you already have a personal account on Rafaelstore
- Log in with your Facebook account
- Register and continue the order with the new account
- Continue with the order from an anonymous user

Having a personal profile allows you to always keep track of the status and updates of your order by accessing your private area.
Otherwise you will receive an email at each update regarding your order.

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